Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brewers Best - American Cream Ale - Oct 10, 2010

This was my third brewers best kit, and I have been fairly impressed so far. So far the other 2 I made were darker beers and I think friends and family where a little put off by the darkness. I want to brew something a little more like what they were use to, so I brew an american cream ale which is a light colored ale.

This one was straight extracts, sugar and hops, no specailty grains, so the brew time was a little less.

I once again brewed outside with the propane burner, with no really issues. I did have one scare, where a flock of geese came flying over my open pot. No geese bombs made it into the pot.

This beer once again uses nottingham yeast, but I now have a chest freezer with a temperature controller on it so I decide to ferment it colder at 58 degrees. Hopefully it will give me a really clean tasting beer.

Starting Gravity: 1.042- Once again I came in lower that the predicted Starting gravity

Primary: 3 weeks planned

Secondary: 2 Weeks planned, which includes 1 week with gelatin.

Bottled On: November 5, 2010

How was it? Dont know its still in primary.
Update: Its was bottled on November 5th, and shold be ready to drink by thanksgiving.
Update: Tried a few of these the first after 2 weeks and it was still flat. Brought some of this upstairs to warm up and it is pretty well carbed, and is fantastic. I think the low fermenting temp really helped it is really clean tasting and really quite drinkable. When I get my tapping system this will be one of the first beers on tap.