Friday, February 4, 2011

Brewers Best - Scottish Ale - Jan 14,2011

This was my 4th brewers best kit, and one I have been looking forward to trying. Im a big fan of malty beers, so this should be right up my alley. This kit comes with the following ingredients.

3.3 lb. Amber LME
1 lb. Amber DME
4 oz. Caramel 60L
4 oz. Smoked
4 oz. Chocolate
1 oz. Roasted Barley
.5 oz. Bittering - Palisades
.5 oz. Aroma - Palisades

There isnt much hops in this one, and I have never tried palisades hops, so I dont really know what to expect.

I brewed this in the driveway on my turkey fryer, and it was pretty damn cold out, but I was able to keep the temp where I needed it and everything went off without a hitch brewing wise.

I brought in inside to cool in the sink, using a mixture of snow and water to cool it down. It comes with Dynstar Windsor yeast. I rehydrated the yeast will the wort was cooling and was a little put off by the lack of action of this yeast while rehydrating. The nottingham bubbled up really nice. So I pitch the yeast put on the top and set it downstairs. Day 1, no airlock activity. Day 2 , no airlock activity. Day 3, no airlock activity. With the lack of activity rehydrating it and since pitching, I think I got some bad yeast. So I head off to the store to see if I can find another pack of Windsor yeast, no luck.
I did pick up some safale 05 and that kicked off right away and fermented out nicely, this one is now in the keg for aging.

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